Comic 216 - Christmas Special!

25th Dec 2013, 2:24 AM
Christmas Special!
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Author Notes:

Not Your Friend 25th Dec 2013, 2:24 AM edit delete
Isn't this the best time to send gifts to the ones you love? Or the ones you don't love?

Stay tuned for more in 2014, you won't regret!


Clef 25th Dec 2013, 4:24 AM edit delete
Nothing like going out in your birthday suit, right?
Not Your Friend 25th Dec 2013, 8:00 PM edit delete
In Weir's case, it's more like staying home in her birthday suit. Well, it suits her just fine...
Grey Garou 26th Dec 2013, 5:30 AM edit delete
Grey Garou
Why is Weir deciding to open her present butt nekkid?
Not Your Friend 26th Dec 2013, 4:33 PM edit delete
Either she was expecting a dildo or she just goes naked at home...

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