Comic 219 - Going In Style

15th Feb 2014, 8:13 PM
Going In Style
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Author Notes:

Not Your Friend 15th Feb 2014, 8:13 PM edit delete
Amelia started to capitalize on Weir's guilt... Anyway, sorry for taking too long to update, but things were beyond crazy here. I had a sick cat, competitions to attend, training and,more recently, there were riots just 3 blocks from my building (yes, Rio sucks). Heck, they burned out buildings and buses down! Well, stay tuned for more, unless they try to burn my place down, then I'm ouuta here, lol!


Grey Garou 16th Feb 2014, 2:06 AM edit delete
Grey Garou
Riots?!? Burning buildings?!? Shit Howdy! Man, your home sounds like a rather dangerous place to be. Keep those Kevlar curtains handy.
Not Your Friend 16th Feb 2014, 6:04 AM edit delete
Curtains? I need a fire retardant suit, ballistic helmet, bullet-proof everything and a fucking tank. Insanity took over...
Grey Garou 16th Feb 2014, 6:03 PM edit delete
Grey Garou
I digress. I see that Amelia is not only capitalizing on Weir's guilt, but refuses to gamble her life on Weir's mental stability.
Not Your Friend 16th Feb 2014, 10:53 PM edit delete
True, but gambling in Weir's mental stability shouldn't even be called a bet, as it's certain that she'll fuck up somehow.

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