An Idea
by Not Your Friend

Hello, people! I'm still surprised with this comic's traffic, much bigger than I'd ever expect. I must start this blog post with a huge "thank you", andwhen I say, I really mean it. So... I got this idea to help people to promote their stuff and to heçp readers to find out comics that would otherwise be hidden in the information cluster that is the Internet today. I'd like to start a guest comic exchange program. It would work in a simple way: you do a guest comic for someone, you get one back. The decision of who makes a guest comic to who wouldn't be made by anyone, it could be random. Well, if anyone has a better idea, please share it, criticism is always welcome. By the way, comments are welcome as well, they allow me to make a better comic.


Ah, I almost forgot! If you happen to like poetry, you're in for a treat today. My IRL friend Van Bakker has a website dedicated to his work. Why don't you give it a shot? By the way, you can subscribe and see the site's updates too in a similar manner that you can subscribe to this comic. Ah, Bakker, stop spamming my site! LOL

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